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Chagrin Valley School accepts children ages 5-17, and does not use test scores or grades from previous schools as criteria for admission. We admit children if they, their parents and our program believe that the child will thrive here. Registration may happen throughout the year (depending on availability) beginning with a trial period. If at the end of the trial both the family and the program are satisfied that there is a good fit, the child can be enrolled for the year.

Chagrin Valley School welcomes children of all races, colors, national origins, ethnicities, religions, economic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations and families of any composition. The program also accepts children with or without special needs or giftedness, however CVS is not a therapy program. Chagrin Valley School does not have formal education accreditation, so families must register as homeschool within their local school district which is an easy process that we can help with. It is our understanding that a parent/guardian may withdraw a child from public school at anytime during the year, register as homeschool and join our program. Please read our "Philosophy" page to learn more about self-directed education at Chagrin Valley School.

"It boggles my mind that the attributes we cherish in ourselves and in our friends – being interesting, insightful, creative, and independent – is what we are willing to sacrifice in children in exchange for the acquisition of knowledge that some of us deem it necessary to learn."
-Hana Greenberg, one of the founders of Sudbury Valley School,
from "Why Curriculum is Counterproductive", Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept

Admissions Process

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2. Admissions

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Fees & Financing

Families in need of financial aid may contribute time and expertise that will add value to the program in one or more of its areas of need for an hourly rate of fee remission.