We Need Your Support!

Kelly’s Working Well Farm and Chagrin Valley School have been engaged in what has turned into a significant conflict with the Bainbridge Township zoning and fire departments. Rather than work with us to come up with a solution, they have chosen to close down all farm buildings and stated that we will not be able to satisfy the requirements to remove the order until we achieve a conditional use permit, thus losing our agricultural designation. Here is a complete sequence of all events (Article Link).

How You Can Help

As we work our way through the legal process we have a variety of unanticipated expenses, such as lawyer fees and facility rentals. We would also like to take this opportunity to accelerate our planned upgrades of our electrical systems, and other infrastructure. Please consider supporting us financially by donating to our GoFundMe campaign!

In addition, it would be very helpful if public support of the farm and school was made known to all. Letters to the editor of local newspapers, and calls and letters to Bainbridge Township officials, could help to enable a positive resolution.

Our Press Releases

See our official statements on this matter here in the following press releases.

  • “Conflict with Bainbridge Zoning & Fire Departments: Our Response to the Recent Actions Taken by Bainbridge Township” – 11/12/19 (Press Release Link)
  • “Our Experience with Bainbridge Zoning, Fire & Health: A Clarification of Recent Events with Local Authorities”- 11/22/19 (Press Release Link)
  • Here is a complete sequence of all events (Article Link)

In The News

  • “Bainbridge Township Shut Down School at Working Well Farm” by Chagrin Valley Times, 11/14/19 (Article Link)
  • “Appeal of an Ohio Township’s Zoning Decision Has Major Implications” by Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, 11/14/19 (Article Link)
  • “Parents Voice Support for School Despite Safety Issues” by Chagrin Valley Times, 11/21/19 (Article Link)

Letters of Support

Most of these letters have been published in the Chagrin Valley Times, thank you all so much for your support! We are happy to receive these letters from any community member, please feel free to send us a statement of support, letter to the editor, or a letter to Bainbridge officials and we will post it here! Send to chagrinvalleyschool@gmail.com

Annie Demko, School Parent

As a parent of two children who attend Chagrin Valley School at Kelly’s Working Well Farm, I feel compelled to respond to Fire Chief Lovell’s statement in the 11/14 article…

Nate Bergman, School Parent

My wife and I have been sending one of our children to the Chagrin Valley School for the past two and a half years. Our oldest son is a bright, quirky independent learner…

John Clegg, Community Member

Would you call Patterson’s Fruit Farm or even the Burton Century Village museum a “school?” Even with field trips and educational demonstrations…

Marti Stuedle, School Parent

I would first like to say how much my family has enjoyed coming to know the beautiful Chagrin Valley because of our choice to spend time at Kelly’s Working Well Farm…

Chris & Tanja Courtiol, School Parents

As a parent, I find the amazing responsibility to raise two young children to be the mostwonderful challenge I could ever ask for. This challenge includes entrusting your…

Leah Berkowitz, School Student

Our school is a real sanctuary for me. It is a welcome escape from the stress of the outside world and has greatly enriched my love of learning in the past few months…

Steph Mora, School Parent

Have you ever thought that traditional school doesn’t work for every child? This was the dilemma I was facing a couple years ago with my son. A bright, seven year old boy, who just…

Ian Mungall, Staff Member

I have been a head staff member of Chagrin Valley School at Kelly’s Working Well Farm for 3 of the school’s 4 years of operation. I would first like to say thank you to the local businesses…

Jennifer Berry-Chan, School Parent

My family recently joined the community of Kelly’s Working Well Farm and the school community.
We are considering settling here  after finding such a unique….

Suzanne Galvez, School Parent

I am writing to express my family’s concern around the actions the City of Bainbridge has taken to effectively close the Chagrin Valley School resource center located at Kelly’s…

Malena Galvez, School Student

I have been a student of Kelly’s homeschool resource for 2 years. Even though I’ve come to school for 2 I have gone to the farm for 8. I have missed the event…

Chris Courtiol, School Parent

This past Saturday Chagrin Valley School hosted a craft fair and fundraiser in Chagrin Falls. It was a wonderful affair attended by creative, caring, and compassionate…